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Lowrance Fishfinders and Charts

As a Lowrance dealer we have the expertise to pair you with the perfect fishfinder or chart for your needs and budget. Modern day fishfinders provide superior sonar resolution, more accurate GPS positioning and even the ability to watch fish swim in real time!


The most budget and user-friendly fish finder in the Lowrance line-up. Perfect for those who simply need navigation and basic sonar. The Eagle’s simple design allows easy navigating for anyone from 8 to 80. Optioned with the correct transducer the Hook can also support Downscan and Sidescan technology.

Elite FS

The best bang for your buck. The Elite lineup offers advanced features at an affordable price. Advanced technology such as 3D Structurescan and Active imaging allow you to accurately target fish in real time. NMEA2000 and ethernet compatabilty allows you to sync multiple fish finders and directly connect to your motor guide or Lowrance trolling motor. 

Image 6.jpg


The ultimate fish finder for master anglers. The crystal-clear anti-glare display allows easy viewing in the brightest of light and while wearing polarized sunglasses. The HDS enhances features such as active imaging, reducing noise and enhancing structure definition and adds additional features such as LiveSight. You can even stream live TV and sports from your phone!


Explore the lake with live sonar video of bottom structure and fish. Watch as fish interact with your lure and set the hook at the perfect time. Essentially turns fishing into a video game!

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